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Our Path Through LifeI

2015-Jul-11 - Our Life and Path

So first let us say Hello there. We are a couple that online are known as Daddy and Babygirl. We are very married, though it is an open marriage. It is not Polyamorous, lets put that out there right now. We also live the BDSM lifestyle. The type of relationship that we have is not only a Daddy/Babygirl relationship, but a Master/Slave relationship. Also as you can guess we are a Winter/summer couple. Daddy is 43 and Babygirl will be turning 25 this year.

Daddy has been in the lifestyle for quite some time, and has only given his heart out to three others. He is very protective, it isn't due to jealousy, it is because of who he is and what he has gone through in life. He is gentle but firm, he is also something of a Sadist though he does so through pleasure and denial.

Babygirl has only been in the lifestyle for the last four years and is an eager student. She is open minded, easy to get along with and has a big heart. This is another part of the reason Daddy is very protective, there have been several people who have tried to take advantage of Babygirl.

We like to show off some of the things that we like to do. We are very into Bondage, Roleplaying, Medical Play, Watersports and the like. In fact we have very few limits.

You can see some of our stuff at

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This Blog is about a BDSM lifestyle. It includes many adult areas for discussion, remember not every one likes what you like, and vice versa, so keep an open mind.

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Our Life and Path